Water Resistant And Durable New Pet Tracker

eTrak was born out of necessity: To keep our children and elders with special needs safer by allowing caretakers to monitor their location. However, with the technology eTrak’s developed, the possibilities are endless!eTrak Pet Tracker

One such application eTrak is very proud of is PetTrak. With PetTrak, pet-owners can track the location of their pets with an accuracy up to 10 feet, enjoy improved battery life, and tap into their PetTrak device via their mobile phone when ever they please.

A few other fun-facts about PetTrak:

  • PetTrak “Safety Circle” draws a protective boundary for your pet. If your pet goes out of this circle, you’ll be notified immediately.
  • Game-changing locating technology. eTrak’s GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System” ensures that your eTrak device will work anywhere.
  • On the chance your pet does wonder off, PetTrak will give you turn-by-turn directions to their location.


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