eTrak Launches New GPS+ Product Line

We did it! eTrak has announced the launch of its GPS+ product line at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Devices are currently available for pre-order online, and shipping will begin next month. Stay tuned for more information!

eTrak Launches New GPS+ Product Line Utilizing

Patented “Hybrid Tracking System”

LAS VEGAS, NV, JANUARY 7, 2013– eTrak announces the release of its GPS+ line of consumer and commercial tracking products. GPS+ is eTrak’s patented technology that integrates the usage of Wi-Fi and cell ID with GPS to achieve the most accurate positioning possible, both indoors and out.

GPS+ delivers the most accurate location available in real time directly to a Smartphone, tablet or computer. eTrak products also contain geo-fencing capability that triggers notification if the device goes beyond preset boundaries. Additionally, the notifications provide turn by turn directions to the location of the device via Google Maps.

“Small and large businesses will benefit from tracking their assets with loss prevention and cost savings,” eTrak CEO, John Harris said. “They will also be able to keep their employees safe and know if they are in danger.”

Setup and using eTrak products are simple. Go to and click on “track” from any Smartphone, tablet or computer and instantly see the location of the eTrak device. The eTrak consumer device is also equipped with an Emergency Panic Button that sends help requests to pre-determined recipients in the event of an emergency.

“eTrak is the size of a domino and weighs less than an ounce,” Harris said. “eTrak provides the longest battery life available, and is the lowest priced personal emergency-response product on the market. And with Verizon’s industry-leading coverage map, it works almost anywhere.”

The eTrak product line encompasses all commercial applications, as well as consumer segments including health-impaired, special needs, teens and pets. eTrak also supplies custom design and development services for virtually any need or quantity.


ABOUT the eTrak GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System”

eTrak GPS+ is the world’s first and only global location management platform that works on all computer and Smartphone operating systems utilizing Wi-Fi positioning. One-of-a-kind, patented technology enables users to follow the exact location of the device with pinpoint accuracy on Google Maps from any computer or Smartphone. eTrak utlitizes the Verizon Network in the US, and also works in 172 countries globally. To learn more about eTrak, visit




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