eTrak on Social Media

Location tracking device "eTrak" on social media

eTrak is proud to be part of the greater social media community. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are just a few of the networks that allow us to share news and connect with our friends, customers, and partners. Location-tracking and personal GPS technology has never been stronger with eTrak; social media is the perfect avenue to share our story with the world.

Part of having a broad social media platform, composed of many different social media networks, means that we can converse with folks on their¬†network¬†of choice. We understand that not all people are “Facebook” people, and many folks are still trying to figure out exactly what “the Twitter” is!

We hope to create networks across the board, so that if you are curious about eTrak or have a question about this revolutionary location-tracking device, you may reach out to us on any network you feel most comfortable.

eTrak Social Media Platform

Social media really is a wonderful place to learn and connect. We are very proud to tell the story of the tiny eTrak location tracking device and look forward to connecting with you soon!

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