eTrak Shining Bright At CTIA

eTrak mentioned as leader in mHealth

eTrak was recognized today by one of the web’s leading technology blogs,, in an article called, mHealth Looks Rosy at CTIA. The article speaks glowingly about the future of mHealth (also written as m-health or mobile health.)

eTrak CEO John Harris is quoted:

“Boomers are more tech savvy and can understand this technology,” said John Harris, CEO of eTrak.

This understanding, coupled with technology advances, is what makes these new products so much more helpful for consumers, he added.

“We are blazing a trail, as those LifeLine products only use landline telephone systems,” explained Harris. “Those products only work around your home. We have a cellular-based technology, so it is a ‘follow me around’ platform and can be carried anywhere you go.”

eTrak can also send texts and emails, and it includes a map with turn-by-turn directions to get healthcare responders to patients in the case of an emergency, Harris told TechNewsWorld. “The old technology can’t do that.”

Harris also points out that eTrak is not just for mobile health. The number of applications eTrak can be used for is too numerous to put an exact figure on. The eTrak GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System” allows eTrak to work indoors and outdoors, domestically and internationally, and of course, inside and outside normal cell phone range. For nearly anything or anyone that needs monitoring, eTrak is a solution that is accurate up to ten feet!

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Check out this video from the floor of #CTIAW12!!

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