PetTrak PTC-100

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MSRP $99.95

PetTrak-dogPets are family. They can become like one of our children. And like children, they love to explore, seek out new adventures, and wander off.

Don’t let them get lost.

PetTrak helps you Always Know that your pet is safe, 24/7, even when you’re not around. Simply attach the lightweight PetTrak device to its collar and you can track your little four-legged friend in virtually any environment around the clock.

Using the PetTrak “Safety Circle,” you can draw a boundary circle around your house, your yard, or anyplace that provides a protective perimeter for your pet. If your pet wanders off beyond the circle, PetTrak will send you an email and a text message to your cellphone and computer, alerting you to your pet’s location— along with an online map—complete with turn-by-turn directions to the exact spot to go to retrieve your lost pet. You can even keep track of your little buddy while he’s being walked while you’re at work or on the road, knowing that he’s being cared for right on schedule.

PetTrakDockedPetTrak is easy to set up. Easy to use. And easy to appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that if your pet should one day get out, get away or get lost, you will Always Know exactly where to find him and bring him back. Anywhere. Anytime.

With PetTrak from eTrak, you Always Know.