eTrak ETC-100

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eTrak Personal Location DeviceAt some point in our lives, we’ll find ourselves in the unfamiliar role as caregiver. Whether for our children, our aging parents or a child or adult with special needs, the responsibilities can be all-consuming. Looking out for those who can’t always look out for themselves is a full-time job. And the stress and worry that they’re safe when we’re not always there to take care of them can its toll. We often wonder if we could fulfill our role so much better if only we had a little help.

Help has arrived.

With eTrak, you’ll Always Know the location of a loved one. Using eTrak’s proprietary GPS+ Hybrid Technology, you can follow the movements of your child or parent with alert notifications and location tracking sent directly to your smartphone or computer.

With eTrak, You’ll Always Know

The exclusive eTrak “Safety Circle” allows you to draw a boundary circle around multiple addresses, creating your own protective perimeter. If your child or parent travels beyond the Safety Circle, their eTrak device will automatically send an email and text message to your cell phone and computer and to whomever else you designate. The alert notification includes their location via an online map, along with turn-by turn directions to their location.

eTrak also enables your child or parent to reach out to you—instantly. With a simple push of a button, they can send an emergency text and email to your computer and cell phone. And because eTrak is cellular (unlike other emergency messaging products which are landline based), it works anywhere you have cell phone coverage. Anytime. All the time.

Imagine the peace of mind of always knowing where they are. Always knowing if they’re safe. Always knowing if they need help. Instead of wondering, and worrying, with eTrak, you’ll Always Know.

eTrak for Children with Special Needs

eTrak was originally developed for children and adults with special needs. If you’re a parent of a child with Autism, Down Syndrome, Angelman’s or Aspergers, you know that they are prone to wander off for all sorts of reasons. Watching them requires all of your attention all of the time. eTrak helps you Always Know they’re safe. And helps bring peace of mind during those moments of panic when you simply turn around for a second and suddenly they’re gone. With eTrak, you’ll be able to know their location and quickly gather them back to safety.

eTrak for Adults with Special Needs

If you’re caring for a parent or a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, you know that in the matter of a moment, they can disappear. Statistics indicate that over 60% with Alzheimer’s will wander off and less than 40% of adults with memory impairment who wander away from home are able to return without assistance. eTrak takes a lot of the worry away knowing that if they do wander away, they won’t go far. With eTrak hybrid technology, even when they’re out of sight, you’re never out of touch.

eTrak for Seniors and the Health Impaired

As our parents and senior loved ones age, their motor skills diminish. Their sight and hearing fade. And in some cases, serious health conditions and diminished mental capacity make them vulnerable to accidents. eTrak helps watch over them, even when you can’t. eTrak’s technology gives them the ability to alert you and other caregivers immediately in case of a fall or emergency health issue. You’ll know their location, and will be guided with turn-by-turn directions sent via email and text directly to your smartphone and computer. And because eTrak is cellular-based, it works away from home. You’ll Always Know where they are, wherever they are.

eTrak for Children and Teens

The National Center for Missing Children reports over 800,000 children missing in the U.S. every year. Most occur while a child is walking to or from school, riding the school bus or riding a bicycle between the hours of 2:00pm and 7:00pm, when most parents are at work. With eTrak, you can know the location of your child. eTrak can let you know if your teen makes it back for curfew or instantly locate your teen driver if they get lost. And kids can use the alert button to notify parents in case of danger. So no matter where they go, eTrak goes with them.

eTrak for All of Us

Think about the things you care about. Things you would hate to lose or have stolen. eTrak can track those things as well. Clip it to your backpack, purse or briefcase. Attach it to your bicycle, motorcycle or boat. Pack it in your golf bag or checked luggage on trips. Anything that’s of value and needs to be theft protected can be tracked by eTrak. Simply. Easily. With alerts notifications sent directly to your smartphone or computer, along with instant directions on where it’s headed, and where it ends up. So you and / or the police will Always Know exactly where to go to get it back.

Features of the eTrak ETC-100

  • Small – 1″ x 2″
  • Wearable – weighs less than an ounce
  • Extended battery performance – up to 7 days under normal use.
  • Personal Alert Button – configurable to send an SMS to up to two designated mobile devices or unlimited email addresses.

With eTrak, you Always Know.