Clothing for Children with Autism

(MYFOXNY.COM) - Independence Day Clothing and eTrak featured on Fox5 New York. Independence Day Clothing combines fashion and technology allowing eTrak’s ETC100 to be discreetly hidden inside their clothing items.

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Shop ‘Til You Drop – eTrak Black Friday Deal


Thanksgiving – a time to spend with family and friends to reflect on what we are truly thankful for. A time to eat and be merry. A time to play football and watch football. And of course, a time to shop the best deals of the year!

This year, eTrak will be joining the rest of the world in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Receive $50 off your eTrak ETC-100 GPS Tracking Device for a limited time only. Upon checkout use the Promo Code: BLKFRI13. Offer is only valid from Friday at 12am CST to Monday at 11:59pm CST, so make sure you take advantage before it is gone!

eTrak wishes each and every one of you a blessed holiday weekend. Take some time to really appreciate those around you and let them know how special they are. Happy Thanksgiving!

eTrak Launches New GPS+ Product Line

We did it! eTrak has announced the launch of its GPS+ product line at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Devices are currently available for pre-order online, and shipping will begin next month. Stay tuned for more information!

eTrak Launches New GPS+ Product Line Utilizing

Patented “Hybrid Tracking System”

LAS VEGAS, NV, JANUARY 7, 2013– eTrak announces the release of its GPS+ line of consumer and commercial tracking products. GPS+ is eTrak’s patented technology that integrates the usage of Wi-Fi and cell ID with GPS to achieve the most accurate positioning possible, both indoors and out.

GPS+ delivers the most accurate location available in real time directly to a Smartphone, tablet or computer. eTrak products also contain geo-fencing capability that triggers notification if the device goes beyond preset boundaries. Additionally, the notifications provide turn by turn directions to the location of the device via Google Maps.

“Small and large businesses will benefit from tracking their assets with loss prevention and cost savings,” eTrak CEO, John Harris said. “They will also be able to keep their employees safe and know if they are in danger.”

Setup and using eTrak products are simple. Go to and click on “track” from any Smartphone, tablet or computer and instantly see the location of the eTrak device. The eTrak consumer device is also equipped with an Emergency Panic Button that sends help requests to pre-determined recipients in the event of an emergency.

“eTrak is the size of a domino and weighs less than an ounce,” Harris said. “eTrak provides the longest battery life available, and is the lowest priced personal emergency-response product on the market. And with Verizon’s industry-leading coverage map, it works almost anywhere.”

The eTrak product line encompasses all commercial applications, as well as consumer segments including health-impaired, special needs, teens and pets. eTrak also supplies custom design and development services for virtually any need or quantity.


ABOUT the eTrak GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System”

eTrak GPS+ is the world’s first and only global location management platform that works on all computer and Smartphone operating systems utilizing Wi-Fi positioning. One-of-a-kind, patented technology enables users to follow the exact location of the device with pinpoint accuracy on Google Maps from any computer or Smartphone. eTrak utlitizes the Verizon Network in the US, and also works in 172 countries globally. To learn more about eTrak, visit




First Day Jitters

eTrak's very own blogger on her first day of school

Call me crazy, but I still remember what I wore on my very first day of school; a little blue and red dress with white trim, black and white oxford shoes, and a red bow in my hair to top it off. I’m sure many of you can also think back and remember what you wore and the excited nerves that went along with the first day.

For some of you, this week is the first time you are sending your child to school and you are probably more nervous than they are; for others, this has become a yearly routine and while you are a bit sad, you are also pleased to have the house back to yourself.

Summer is nothing less than a whirlwind of fun activities – birthday parties, trips to the pool, and family vacations, but we all know the fun can’t last forever. It’s time to get the kids back to school and many parents back in the PTA.

eTrak’s location-tracking device is great for those of you whose children ride the bus or have after school activities. You will Always Know their whereabouts by simply checking your phone or computer, giving you peace of mind knowing they are safe.

eTrak and The National PTA have created a brilliant partnership to benefit YOU! eTrak will waive the $99 fee of the device, giving it to you for FREE! You are only responsible for a one-time $39 activation fee and the monthly tracking fee of $14.95, with a 24 month agreement.

And to top it off, eTrak will donate $10 for every device sold through the PTA! Your local unit will receive $6, the state unit will receive $2, and the national chapter will receive $2.

As far as my first day went, I was a bundle of nerves for all of 30 seconds but quickly found myself giggling and playing with all the other first-timers. eTrak wishes everyone a wonderful first day and hope it leads to an amazing year to follow!

For more information on the eTrak device and our partnership with the NPTA go to

eTrak Partners With The National PTA

The wait is finally over; we are so excited to share with you the wonderful details of our partnership with The National PTA! This organization has been serving our community for years and we can’t wait to help them serve you.

The National PTA’s efforts benefit today’s children by working towards the “goal of a quality education and nurturing environment for every child.” eTrak wants the best for every child and we truly believe we can give that to them with the help of the NPTA.

The eTrak device is valued at $99 retail, BUT we are going to waive that fee for all PTA parents and provide it for FREE. PTA parents will only be responsible for a one-time $39 activation fee and $14.95 a month with a two year tracking service agreement.

It might be hard to believe, but it gets even better! eTrak knows the importance of giving back, so we have developed a donation program for every device we sell through the PTA. eTrak will donate $10 for every device sold to a PTA parent; $6 will go to the local unit, $2 will go to the state unit, and $2 will go to the national chapter. This partnership will be great for PTA membership drives and safety awareness campaigns.

eTrak is perfect with the start of school just around the corner. The device is small enough to fit in a backpack, on a belt, in a pocket, or just about anywhere; so you Always Know where your child is!

Help us spread the word of this amazing partnership! Pre orders are available online and we will be shipping the product in September.

eTrak Supports The National PTA

eTrak is proud to be partners with organizations such as The National PTA. We are excited about our partnership and can’t wait for what is to come.

The National PTA’s mission is “to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.” With the support of parents, teachers, sponsors and others, the National PTA is making a huge impact all across the nation.

eTrak and The National PTA have developed a one of a kind donation program as well as an exclusive offer for all parents. We are excited to share the details of this partnership with you later this week! Make sure to stay up to date with eTrak’s blog as well as the eTrak Facebook and Twitter pages for the details of this amazing partnership.

At eTrak we hope to give every parent and caregiver the peace of mind to Always Know where their child is at all times.

eTrak CEO Featured on KRLD News Radio

eTrak CEO John Harris sat with David Johnson in his show, CEO Spotlight With David Johnson, on News Radio 1080, KRLD. Harris explained many features about the eTrak device that makes it a standout against all other existing tracking devices: accurate tracking technology, ease of use, inexpensive fees, etc.

It was a non-technical attribute that drew some additional praise for eTrak in the aftermath of the show’s airing: the fact eTrak will be manufactured in the USA, right in Dallas, Texas. John Harris is a tenured tech executive and grew tired of watching jobs head overseas, so he made a conscious effort to produce and manufacture eTrak in Dallas to keep the jobs  at home.

See a transcript of the video after the jump.


Radio Interview Transcript (Click HERE to visit KRLD’s website):

David: Well location devices have become, well, not as unique as they were. You can dial-up and find out where you left your iPad or iPhone, but it gets a little dicier if the product or the individual, say, is moving and you want to keep up with them behind closed doors or inside buildings or maybe around the world. Soon, that will be a lot easier because of eTrak. A product that’s being developed and ultimately manufactured right here in the Dallas area. John Harris is the CEO of eTrak and joins us right now, it’s good to have you with us.

eTrak: Well thank you, David

David: Great guy, like I say… It’s pretty easy to track devices now a days, but doing it economically and behind closed doors is a lot tougher. And that was the challenge for you, right? Tracking Alzheimer’s patients or wayward dogs or whatever…

eTrak: Well that’s true, David. I have Autism and Alzheimer’s in my family. I was looking for a better solution because all the ones I found weren’t very accurate, they just didn’t measure very close and they were expensive, they were big and bulky, and hard to carry around. So I began looking and searching and developing a new product, and we have an exciting new line of products to show you.

David: And the interesting thing is, so this obviously uses GPS technology, which we all know about now, but I gather you incorporate WiFi and even… What is it? Cellular technology, too?

eTrak: That’s correct. We invented a hybrid tracking system, actually, that incorporates WiFi access points in addition to GPS. And what the means is that our device sees a WiFi access point when it in near focus to it, sends that location to our server, and then we send that location back to you on your cell phone or your computer.

David: So what sort of cost are we talking about? Something like this I know can be fairly expensive.

GPS device eTrak CEO John Harris

eTrak CEO John Harris

eTrak: Well, they are in some cases. This product, we’ve been managing to get our cost down for the last two years of development, now we’re going to retail this product at $99.

David: So you pay $99, but there are ongoing fees to track it?

eTrak: There are. There are three subscription plans to choose from for the monthly service. You can actually pay $99 in advance for a full year of service, or you can pay $15 per month to pay as you go, no commitment, you can turn it off whenever you want. Or we’ll give you a 20 percent discount and do it for $12 per month if you want a 12-month agreement.

David: Is it one device that has many applications or would you have the same device your 7-year-old as you would your labrador retriever as you would your car?

eTrak: Well, actually, there are three separate devices. We have a human device that’s called the “eTrak“. That’s good for all human usage: Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, special needs. Even a child going to school, you could throw it in your backpack and you could track your child that way. Then we have a pet tracking device which is less expensive, actually. It’s only $7.95 for the PetTrak device. And then we have a hard-wired car tracking device, CarTrak, which plugs directly into your car’s charging system. You just plug it in once and you never have to worry about it again.

David: So I’m intrigued and I could understand it being developed here; you guys are the brains behind this. But manufactured here? Nobody manufactures electronic goods in the US, do they?

eTrak: You know, not many anymore. I have been doing this a lot of years, and I watched all the jobs leave the US and go overseas. And, part of the thing I wanted to do was create new jobs back at home. So what we’ve done is we worked with a local manufacturer to shave the cost as close as we can and we’re going to produce the product right here in Dallas, Texas.

David: Alright, so how do we find… It’s not available right now, right?

eTrak: No, sir. It’s in test mode right now, field testing. And it will be available sometime late-June to the public.

David: And distribution points? Are you distributing yourself or is this an Amazon item, in stores?

eTrak: It will be on Amazon, it will be on, it will be in all of the cell phone wireless stores, like Verizon and stores like that. We haven’t signed the final deals yet, but we’re fairly sure it’ll be in Walmart and Target, and stores like that, as well.

David: John Harris is the CEO of eTrak, spelled e-T-r-a-k. Good to have you with us!

eTrak: Thank you, David!

David: Thanks, I’m David Johnson. News Radio 1080-KRLD.

eTrak Shining Bright At CTIA

eTrak mentioned as leader in mHealth

eTrak was recognized today by one of the web’s leading technology blogs,, in an article called, mHealth Looks Rosy at CTIA. The article speaks glowingly about the future of mHealth (also written as m-health or mobile health.)

eTrak CEO John Harris is quoted:

“Boomers are more tech savvy and can understand this technology,” said John Harris, CEO of eTrak.

This understanding, coupled with technology advances, is what makes these new products so much more helpful for consumers, he added.

“We are blazing a trail, as those LifeLine products only use landline telephone systems,” explained Harris. “Those products only work around your home. We have a cellular-based technology, so it is a ‘follow me around’ platform and can be carried anywhere you go.”

eTrak can also send texts and emails, and it includes a map with turn-by-turn directions to get healthcare responders to patients in the case of an emergency, Harris told TechNewsWorld. “The old technology can’t do that.”

Harris also points out that eTrak is not just for mobile health. The number of applications eTrak can be used for is too numerous to put an exact figure on. The eTrak GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System” allows eTrak to work indoors and outdoors, domestically and internationally, and of course, inside and outside normal cell phone range. For nearly anything or anyone that needs monitoring, eTrak is a solution that is accurate up to ten feet!

Click here for more information on how eTrak works. And, as always, join us on the social media channel of your choice with any questions you might have!

Check out this video from the floor of #CTIAW12!!

The Birth of eTrak: A High-Tech Personal GPS Tracking Solution

John Harris, a family man with a knack for inventing, witnessed the terrifying moment when his autistic niece wandered from the group and couldn’t be found for a short period of time. After seeing her parents worry and experiencing the panic himself, Harris knew he had to find a solution.

“It came to a point where she could unlock doors and windows and get out before anyone knew she was gone,” Harris said. “At that point we knew we had to do something, and started looking for something we could attach to her so we would know where she was if she got out.”

In November 2010, Harris began the journey of developing a location tracking product that would soon prove to be far superior to anything of the likes on the market. eTrak was born.

Using GPS, Cell ID, and Wi-Fi, eTrak has the ability to track a person, pet, or automobile indoors and outdoors. The patent pending technology also delivers latitude and longitude coordinates, potentially telling you what floor of a building the person is on. The device weighs less than an ounce and is approximately the size of a domino, boasts a seven-to-ten day battery life and a water resistant shell, positioning eTrak to take the market by storm. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “wow that’s incredible” and you’re right, it absolutely is, but it gets even better.

eTrak is equipped with a personal alert button in case of an emergency. When pressed, the button sends its location by text and email with turn-by-turn directions to the predetermined contacts of your choice. Our product also allows you to set up safety circles; when the device leaves or enters these safety circles, the same predetermined contacts will be notified by either text message or email.

After spending some time with the engineers, it was soon discovered that eTrak could be used for a lot more than just tracking people. We all have a need to protect our most prized possessions and eTrak’s proprietary technology can assist better than any other product on the market. Whether it is your car, your pet, your purse, or your golf clubs, eTrak will make sure you Always Know where these things are.

For more information, find eTrak on Facebook Or Find us on Google+

New Location Tracking Solutions For Your Family

Always know where your child or parent with special needs may be.

eTrak is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind location-tracking technology for special needs families and caregivers.Senior Tracking Device

  • eTrak helps you locate lost children or wandering adults.
  • eTrak is accurate to up to 10 feet, indoors or outdoors, with substantially better battery life.
  • Lightweight and small, wear it on a wrist, ankle or around the neck. Includes panic button that sends a pre-programmed message to cellphones and email addresses.
  • Use eTrak on your smartphone, tablet or computer on Google Maps. You’ll receive turn-by-turn directions to the device whenever you need to locate it.
Learn more at or join us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+!


eTrak: A Smarter Location Tracking Device from eTrak on Vimeo.