eTrak Wishing All Service Families The Best On This Memorial Day

We all have so much, as Americans, to be thankful for. Near the very top of that list is a military that regularly sacrifices to ensure our safety and prosperity.

From all of us at eTrak to every serviceman, service woman, and each member of their very brave families… Thank you. We honor you today and wish you all the very best.

Please enjoy the attached infographic that lends details and notes on the history this very special weekend.

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eTrak on Social Media

Location tracking device "eTrak" on social media

eTrak is proud to be part of the greater social media community. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are just a few of the networks that allow us to share news and connect with our friends, customers, and partners. Location-tracking and personal GPS technology has never been stronger with eTrak; social media is the perfect avenue to share our story with the world.

Part of having a broad social media platform, composed of many different social media networks, means that we can converse with folks on their network of choice. We understand that not all people are “Facebook” people, and many folks are still trying to figure out exactly what “the Twitter” is!

We hope to create networks across the board, so that if you are curious about eTrak or have a question about this revolutionary location-tracking device, you may reach out to us on any network you feel most comfortable.

eTrak Social Media Platform

Social media really is a wonderful place to learn and connect. We are very proud to tell the story of the tiny eTrak location tracking device and look forward to connecting with you soon!

eTrak Location Tracking GPS Infographic

Infographics (Information Graphics) have become popular as an elegant solution for presenting information in a visually engaging way. Coming off the heels of a very exciting Day-1 at CTIA, we thought this the perfect opportunity to present the eTrack Personal Location Products Infographic.

The eTrak GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System” is the cornerstone of the eTrak location-tracking technology platform. It is the first  (and only) in the world of its kind, working on ALL computer and smartphone operating systems utilizing Wi-Fi positioning.

With this, it was natural to establish the globe as the focus of the infographic. The “Hybrid Tracking System”, enables eTrak to work indoors and out, in 160 different countries. 

The fun-facts that surround the globe refer to the various groups that helped inspire the device. Autism, Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s caretakers need smarter location-tracking equipment in the case of an emergency.

School-age children are most often on their own after school lets out; a device that could easily track their locations would lend much comfort to those parents at work.

And of course, we can’t for get about our pets! eTrak is small enough to fit on the collar of your dog, cat, horse, or most any other pet you might have. The graphic at the bottom of the infographic places a quarter beside a photo of the product to get a sense of just how small this tiny device is.

The infographic also illustrates a very important capability eTrak has over its closest competitor: Accuracy. eTrak can locate up-to 10 feet. The nearest competitors vary between 60–500 feet!

eTrak’s battery will sustain its charge 3–5 times longer than the conventional GPS trackers, and most often, it more affordable, too!

CTIA presented a wonderful opportunity to share this revolutionary product with the thousands of attendees. We hope that the attached infographic will help you understand the power and intelligence eTrak possesses. Please feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media channels if you have any questions!

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Infgraphic designed by Jason Kress
All rights reserved by eTrak
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Parents Of Wandering Children Now Have A Solution

For anyone or anything that needs a guardian angel, there’s now a solution. Always know the exact location of a child, parent, pet – even a car. eTrak is the most advanced, smallest, and most accurate location tracking device on the market.

  • eTrak is designed to help you track the things you hold dear, especially loved ones with special needs like Autism or Alzheimer’s.
  • You can also monitor and track a pet, car or boat. With “Safety Circle”, you can define a perimeter and be notified if the device ever goes outside of it.
  • If it needs to be tracked, eTrak can locate it affordably, precisely anywhere. With the sharpest accuracy and a longer battery life, eTrak is now the smartest location tracking solution available.

The mHealth community has also embraced eTrak, now recognized as a leader in Autism and Alzheimer’s location tracking devices. Because of its efficiency is tracking those prone to wondering, caretakers are taking much interest in eTrak to better monitor their patients.

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Location Tracking GPS Infographic by eTrak

eTrak Infographic


Water Resistant And Durable New Pet Tracker

eTrak was born out of necessity: To keep our children and elders with special needs safer by allowing caretakers to monitor their location. However, with the technology eTrak’s developed, the possibilities are endless!eTrak Pet Tracker

One such application eTrak is very proud of is PetTrak. With PetTrak, pet-owners can track the location of their pets with an accuracy up to 10 feet, enjoy improved battery life, and tap into their PetTrak device via their mobile phone when ever they please.

A few other fun-facts about PetTrak:

  • PetTrak “Safety Circle” draws a protective boundary for your pet. If your pet goes out of this circle, you’ll be notified immediately.
  • Game-changing locating technology. eTrak’s GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System” ensures that your eTrak device will work anywhere.
  • On the chance your pet does wonder off, PetTrak will give you turn-by-turn directions to their location.