The Next Generation of Personal Location Tracking Is Here [PHOTOS]

Few communities have made stronger strides forward than the mobile health community. eTrak, now, has positioned itself at the fron of that pack. The eTrak device was initially developed with the families of those with Autism and Alzheimer’s in mind. eTrak’s ability to geolocate its users up to 10 feet and possess a battery that lasts longer on a single charge makes it the smartest personal GPS location tracking device on the market.

Outside of medical care, the eTrak device has a number of other wonderful and functional uses. Be it a young child, a family pet, or an automobile, the eTrak technology can be employed so that you “Always Know” where your loved ones and prized possessions are throughout the day.

eTrak works from any smart phone, so you can be assured of complete accessibility where ever you might be. The GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking Technology” ensures your device will work from most any where by leveraging Cell-ID, WiFi, and GPS technologies.

We’re proud to present the latest product photos below. The eTrak device is about the size of a domino, small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of a small child.

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Learn more about eTrak in the video below:

eTrak: A Smarter Location Tracking Device from eTrak on Vimeo.

How Does Personal Location Tracking Work?

Tracking in San Francisco

Personal location tracking devices have come some way in the last few years. eTrak sought to not only culminate the most advanced pieces of technology into one affordable device, but blaze a new trail in the way this technology could be used.

One of the more impressive attributes of eTrak is that it can geolocate its device up to 10 feet, that up to three-times closer than that of its competition. eTrak can also be used from a computer or smartphone, allowing for that extra bit of convenience when an emergency strikes.

The device’s accuracy is due to eTrak’s GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System”. This means it uses Cell ID, WiFi, and GPS technologies, allowing the device to be tracked indoors and out, with or without cell reception, and in 160 countries.

For more information on how eTrak works, click here.

To see eTrak in action, check out the video below! eTrak CEO John Harris test the eTrak device amid some of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks.

eTrak-ing in San Francisco from eTrak on Vimeo.

Mobile Health and the Emergence of eTrak

Mobile Health eTrak Device

The global mobile health community is welcoming a new member with open, enthusiastic arms: eTrak. Often written as mHealth, mobile health is a term used for the practice of medicine and public health, supported by mobile devices. eTrak’s emergence as the leading personal location tracking device on the market has made for an exciting time in the greater mobile health community.

eTrak’s applications are far-reaching, from childcare to senior care, to automobile and personal object tracking. It’s roots, though, find its inspiration in the Autism and Alzheimer’s communities. Founder and CEO John Harris has first-hand experience with Autism and Alzheimer’s and sought out a device that could help track the locations of his loved ones with these troubling conditions. Frustrated with the options offering location tracking services, he decided to build a solution of his own. And two years later, eTrak was born.

eTrak’s ability to monitor the location of its users up to ten feet, and with a battery that lasts three-times that of the closest competition, is making eTrak the preferred GPS tracking device for childcare and senior caretaker professionals around the nation.

Mobile health’s parameters extend outside the geo-locating space. Emerging technologies in the mobile health circle include:

  • Emergency response systems (e.g., road traffic accidents, emergency obstetric care, etc.)
  • Human resources coordination, management and supervision
  • Mobile synchronous (voice) and asynchronous (SMS) telemedicine diagnostic and decision support to remote clinicians
  • Clinician-focused, evidence-based formulary, database and decision support information and the point-of-care
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Integrity & Patient Safety Systems (e.g., Spoxil and mPedigree)
  • Clinical care and remote patient monitoring
  • Health extension services
  • Health services monitoring and reporting
  • Health-related mLearning for the general public
  • Training and continuing professional development for healthcare workers
  • Health promotion and community mobilization
  • Support of long-term conditions (e.g., diabetes self-management)

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eTrak Wishing All Service Families The Best On This Memorial Day

We all have so much, as Americans, to be thankful for. Near the very top of that list is a military that regularly sacrifices to ensure our safety and prosperity.

From all of us at eTrak to every serviceman, service woman, and each member of their very brave families… Thank you. We honor you today and wish you all the very best.

Please enjoy the attached infographic that lends details and notes on the history this very special weekend.

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eTrak Shining Bright At CTIA

eTrak mentioned as leader in mHealth

eTrak was recognized today by one of the web’s leading technology blogs,, in an article called, mHealth Looks Rosy at CTIA. The article speaks glowingly about the future of mHealth (also written as m-health or mobile health.)

eTrak CEO John Harris is quoted:

“Boomers are more tech savvy and can understand this technology,” said John Harris, CEO of eTrak.

This understanding, coupled with technology advances, is what makes these new products so much more helpful for consumers, he added.

“We are blazing a trail, as those LifeLine products only use landline telephone systems,” explained Harris. “Those products only work around your home. We have a cellular-based technology, so it is a ‘follow me around’ platform and can be carried anywhere you go.”

eTrak can also send texts and emails, and it includes a map with turn-by-turn directions to get healthcare responders to patients in the case of an emergency, Harris told TechNewsWorld. “The old technology can’t do that.”

Harris also points out that eTrak is not just for mobile health. The number of applications eTrak can be used for is too numerous to put an exact figure on. The eTrak GPS+ “Hybrid Tracking System” allows eTrak to work indoors and outdoors, domestically and internationally, and of course, inside and outside normal cell phone range. For nearly anything or anyone that needs monitoring, eTrak is a solution that is accurate up to ten feet!

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Check out this video from the floor of #CTIAW12!!