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Browse our frequently asked questions below to see how we can help answer your questions. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, then we’d love to help! Contact us and we will get back to your question as soon as possible!

General FAQs

Can I send out reminder emails for registration deadlines?

Yes! etrak has email and SMS capabilities that can be set up in advance to automatically send out reminders, receipts, cancellation notices, etc. 

Can I set up a rental facility to have different rates for different days of the week/times of the day?

Yes! Creating fees for any of our offers is simple and customizable. There can be several different fee rules for each offer. This includes sibling discounts, resident discounts, late fees, early bird discounts, weekend rates, etc

Can I create teams and tournament schedules with etrak?

Yes! As customers register for a program they can manually be put into teams using our drag-and-drop method. Tournament schedules can be imported directly into the software from excel for a seamless process.

Software FAQs

Will etrak work on any device?

Yes, etrak is a cloud-based software that has been built to function uniformly across any browser on a computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone.

Payments & Processing FAQs

Can I take multiple forms of payment at checkout?

Yes! The streamlined checkout process allows the admin to select multiple forms of payment including credit card, check, cash, account credit, pay later, or other.

Can I integrate with a credit card swipe machine?

Yes! In fact, we will ship every organization one free credit card swipe machine if requested.

Do I have the option to store credit card numbers in the system?

Yes! Our software is integrated with Choice or Auth.net where credit card numbers are securely stored and remembered for past user’s checkout processes.

Customer Support FAQs

Is there customer support over the weekends?

Over the weekends we offer emergency customer support. An agent will be on call to keep track of voicemails or emails and they will be answered if there is an urgent issue. 

Does etrak support offer onsite training?

We encourage our customers to utilize our online training and help guides. However, for an additional fee, we will send out a customer support agent for onsite training.

My Account FAQs

How can we avoid duplicate users in the system?

In order to add a new user to etrak you must first search for their email address, if it is already in the system the account will pop up and can be edited. However, if it is not in the system you will be able to proceed with adding a new account.