A Ticketing Solution for Every Organization 

Keep things simple by selling tickets on the same platform you use to run the rest of your organization. Use etrak’s comprehensive ticket-selling capabilities to keep your administrative tasks uniformed and centralized. A user-friendly experience for both your organization’s staff and users saves time and reduces stress for everyone.

Sell Tickets to Any Event 

Our Ticket Sales feature is designed to work with events of any size and type. Whether you’re selling tickets for a community theater, music venue, or HOA event, etrak is your go-to ticketing platform.

Frictionless Experience 

Increase Ticket Sales with User-Friendly Solutions 

One of the best ways to increase event ticket sales is to reduce platform friction. With etrak, your customers experience a pain-free purchasing process from checkout to check in.

Scalable Software 

Ticketing Software That Grows With You 

Having to change ticketing platforms to accommodate different event needs can be costly and complicated. With etrak, you have the flexibility to use the same platform whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise. Our scalable features make transitioning from smaller to larger-scale events a snap.


Intuitive Design

Simple and Modern Interface

Avoid cluttered and confusing systems that eat up time and energy. With etrak’s automated ticketing system, your team will spend less time trying to decipher complicated software and more on their mission to provide amazing experiences for your patrons.

Automated Capabilities 

Eliminate Busy Work, Free up Time 

The statement is true, time is money. At etrak, all of our software’s features are built to free up your team’s time by automating tasks and simplifying processes. With the wrong system, managing ticket sales can be time-consuming, but etrak accelerates the process.

Unlock the Possibilities With etrak 

Introduce your organization to a versatile platform to manage your department’s operations and encourage community participation. There’s never been a better time to take charge of your organization’s effectiveness and growth with the power of etrak.

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Ticket Selling Software that Empowers Your Organization

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Increase Profits

Improve your organization’s bottom line by combining and tracking all of your revenue sources from ticket sales, event rentals, membership fees, and much more.

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Staff Management

Enhance employee productivity with features including commissions, payroll, hourly wage monitoring, reporting, and calendar connections with Google and Outlook.

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Easy Billing and Invoicing 

Make collecting payments easy with etrak’s built-in billing and invoicing capabilities. Consolidate revenue and make tracking easy with our software.

Use Cases 

Sell Tickets to Music and Sporting Events with etrak 

Utilize etrak’s integrated ticketing system to eliminate the hassle that comes with ticketing. Use the same platform you use to schedule and organize sporting events to sell tickets ensuring a seamless process for you and your patrons. Make sure every seat is filled with customizable seating charts that match your event spaces.


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